About Us

About Us

We are a team of Fun, Adventurous, Bold, Loving people, who Embraces challenges and strive for greater heights.

Fable Story

From the moment you open this bag full of magic, you will be brought into an enchanted world where dreams come alive as our name aptly suggests.

Always striving to achieve perfection, we want to create the right texture and taste that will create memories – LASTING memories that are unique to YOU as you reminisce the taste of Fable.

Through good or bad times, you can count on Fable – your constant and reliable companion, to be by your side.

Striving only for the very best from the onset of sourcing for the most quality ingredients, to the lengthy hand crafting process and finally to end with the perfect touch of magical seasonings – we commit to ensuring each process is done with utmost care and detail.

Every batch is crafted with our heart and soul, so that our product comes to life with every crunchy morsel that you savour. Each flavour brings you to different magical worlds, which we strive to create for you, as we grow.

We make it worth your while to savour our quality products. We dare you to break out from your comfort zone, to join us in our world of Fable, where we create stories & memories. 

More importantly, as with most fairy tales, we want you to feel   – Happily Ever After!